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Phenol · Acetone & Derivatives
20 October 2017 Issue Number 274
  • All force majeures lifted by US producers but phenol supply still tight
  • BPA production in the US hampered by short availability of phenol
  • Cepsa declares force majeure on cumene, phenol and acetone following a fire
  • Phenol suppliers in Europe have little spare material
  • Chinese phenol prices rising due to increased demand and plant shutdowns
  • Acetone prices in China slipping due to soft demand

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Phthalates · Oxo-Alcohols
20 October 2017 Issue Number 430
  • US plasticisers prices surge in October, supply improves
  • European C9/C10 plasticisers prices stable to slightly up on tighter supply
  • Plasticiser prices in China have weakened after the holidays
  • Turkey imposes antidumping duties on DOP and DOTP imports from South Korea
  • US oxo alcohols supply improves, prices jump in October
  • 2-EH prices in China weaken on increasing supply

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Orthoxylene · Phthalic Anhydride
19 October 2017 Issue Number 466
  • US MX prices have softened post-Harvey but fresh supply issues linger
  • US OX contract for September settled up 4c/lb, October moved down by 4 c/lb
  • European OX not yet fully settled, initial settlement heard at €720/ton
  • Chinese OX prices have improved somewhat as inventories remain low
  • European phthalic anhydride market has seen some improvement in October
  • Chinese phthalic anhydride supply is stable but demand remains slow

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