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Tecnon OrbiChem has been a leader in providing data and analysis to the petrochemical industry since 1976. We are now one of the world's foremost marketing consultancies to the bulk chemicals, petrochemicals and plastics industries. We specialise in Chemical Intermediates, Synthetic Fibres and Resins.

Tecnon OrbiChem provides independent, expert assistance on projects and strategic issues. We offer a unique combination of up-to-date market information and in-depth analysis through monthly business reports and proprietary databases.

Market Highlights

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Fibres & Intermediates
30 April 2018 Issue Number 404
  • Chinese acrylic fibre extrusion margins collapse once again
  • Caprolactam costs change direction in China causing PA 6 filament prices to decline
  • Polyamide BCF production and shipments move higher in the US
  • Polyester filament demand in China picks up with rising raw materials
  • US polyester staple producers report robust demand and depleting stocks
  • Polypropylene staple demand good in Europe and the US due to nonwoven’ markets

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Polyamide & Intermediates
30 April 2018 Issue Number 456
  • Polyamide 66 polymer supplies tight-to-short globally
  • China domestic PA 6 market prices down sharply in April
  • US, EU PA 6 markets maintain steady supply/demand balance
  • Taiwan caprolactam prices edge higher; China market declines
  • China includes PA 66 imports from US subject to new tariff
  • US polyamide BCF production, shipments improve in April
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Unsaturated Polyester Resins
27 April 2018 Issue Number 118
  • US UPR prices starting to decline, April robust after a slower March
  • US feedstocks showing more stability than in Europe
  • European UPR prices also moving down, market has picked up after a softer March
  • Phthalic anhydride prices stable in US but up in Europe on the back of production issues
  • European and US maleic anhydride supply tight, further increases announced for US
  • US styrene prices lower, European market still volatile as prompt supply remains tight

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