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Ethylene Glycols • EO & EODs
25 October 2016 Issue Number 341
  • Explosion and fire at BASF Ludwigshafen had little effect on markets
  • EO prices rise in US and Europe and ethylene remains snug for November
  • EOA prices in USA set to rise by 17-30 c/lb in October/November
  • MEG demand in US and Europe declining as PET resin winds down
  • MEG prices in Europe stayed too low for US import possibilities
  • Demand for MEG in China from polyester fibre remained very good

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Maleic Anhydride · 1,4-Butanediol
24 October 2016 Issue Number 038
  • Chinese maleic anhydride market bullish in October on firmer feedstocks and stable demand
  • European maleic contracts for quarter three settling at a rollover
  • US BDO producers see margin improvement in fourth quarter contracts
  • Chinese BDO inventories remain quite low in October and overall demand is stable
  • Competition for volume hampers Chinese PBT producers’ price increase attempts
  • Chinese spandex market maintains operating rates at around 85%

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Epoxy Resins & Co-Reactants
20 October 2016 Issue Number 002
  • Epoxy resin price increases limited in the US by oversupply
  • Price differential between European domestic and Asian imports shrinks
  • Asian epoxy resin suppliers attempt to raise export prices but with little success
  • Rising propylene prices are pushing epichlorohydrin prices up in all regions
  • BPA prices in Asia held down by oversupply and weakening phenol pricing
  • No respite for epoxy resin producers from squeezed margins

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Tecnon OrbiChem is pleased to announce the launch of the Epoxy Resins & Co-Reactants Chemical Business Focus, a new monthly service for epoxy resins and curing agents.

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